Hi! I hope you're not getting tired of waiting for me to release episodes. It's getting harder every week to juggle between work, s...

[ENG SUB] I Can See Your Voice Season 3 Episode 4 (Guest: Kim Yoon Ah)

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Hi! I hope you're not getting tired of waiting for me to release episodes. It's getting harder every week to juggle between work, subbing ICSYV. subbing other stuff, watching dramas, and managing the little social life I have. I will keep subbing but my speed might deteriorate in the upcoming weeks. I hope you'll be patient.^^

I've heard about Kim Yoon Ah and Jaurim but I didn't realize until now that she sang one OST from drama Signal! She's the one who sang Road. Eeeep! I love that song so much!

Regarding Mister Bong's nickname "From Cowboys to Sistar", the Korean nickname is 소몰이, literally 'herding cows'. SG Wannabe is known for their Cow Herding singing style. It's basically the 'wo, wo, wo' in a song but it sounds like herding cows, hence the name. I thought it was awkward to use 'Cow Herding' so I just wrote it as 'Cowboys'. It just meant 'From SG Wannabe to Sistar', suggesting that he worked with them.

Also, I don't think this is a spoiler but Jung Joonyoung will be the guest for the next episode. Does he have an active fansubbing team? I just don't want to overlap with anyone. That would just be wasting each other's precious time. I was kinda hoping for a week off. 

Anyway, have a good week, everyone! See you in the next episode~

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  1. Hi! Love your subs.
    It seems like the videos on dailymotion got taken down though. ):

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  3. where can I watch? the video has been taken down on dailymotion :(

  4. Hey guys, ohmygeona tweeted she'll upload this episode again later tonight or tomorrow! Let's be patient and thankful ;)
    You should follow her on Twitter for the latest news: https://twitter.com/ohmygeona

  5. The download link is error 😔

  6. The download link is error 😔

  7. I have also heard about Jaurim, but i thought it was her name XD
    Gosh, Kim Yoon Ah is so beautiful though, and THAT voice, i love Road and i'll definitely check her other works.

    Thank you for subbing this program! really appreciate your hardwork :)

  8. thank you sir...you're so kind

  9. Vary big thanks for subbing.. jjy really Bae.hhaha. he's really variety ace with that his laughter tho..hhihi.. but he's really mang-hae-sseo-yo.. kkk

  10. Thank you, for the subs dear... Hope, you can upload it to dailymotion too.. =)

  11. Thanks for the subs ya.. Can you help to load using openload? Really appreciate..

    1. Thank you so much for the link..

      sorry ya, do you have ICSYV from season 1? i do love to watch from beginning n have them as collection..

  12. Thx for subbing this awesome episode. Keep up your good work