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[TRANS] 'Prison' Lee Kyu-hyung "Shin Won-ho PD, Cast Me After Seeing My Drunk Acting… Touched" Part 1

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Q. What are your thoughts after finishing the drama?

"I'm thankful for receiving so much love. Including the audition, it's been 11 months. It's a shame to let it go. Although there are people who were shocked with my character's ending, I think it was a fitting ending and I am satisfied with the director's decision. I think that we must not glamorize criminals. I was aware that Haerongie will take drugs again as soon as he gets released. At first, I was really surprised. I thought, 'Did he just do drugs again?'. Although Haerongie was portrayed cutely, I think that his acts of taking drugs should not be glamorized. In reality, they say that a first offender becomes a second offender and later on becomes a habitual offender.  I see it as an appropriate ending."

Q. How did you join [the cast]?

"In the fall and winter of last year (2016), I performed in the play 'Come See Me' and musical 'Fan Letter'. I must have good luck because Director Shin Won-ho watched them one after the other. In 'Come See Me', I was a suspect and there was a scene of me completely drunk and causing a ruckus at the police station. I think they saw Haerongie in that image of me. I got a call for an audition while filming 'Forest of Secrets'. We met twice and I joined after that. It was in March."

Q. How did it feel?

"It was amazing. I thought it was someone else's story. A famous director went to watch a play and cast an actor from it. I didn't think it was my story. 'Director Shin Won-ho knew about me?' I was grateful and amazed."

Q. Haerongie was a difficult character [to act]. You must have had a lot of things to prepare.

'During the first audition, I was asked to show them my acting from 'Come See Me'. I did it lightly. I was told to do more. I did and they told me to keep going until the end. I gave it my all. (smiles) At that time, they asked me to do it cutely. I thought what did it mean for a drug addict to be cute. I did it [cutely] and the production team liked it. I didn't hear from them for three weeks and I heard stories about the audition from people around me. I did a second audition and about five minutes after that, they said 'Let's do this together'. I was deeply moved I almost cried. (smiles)"

Q. Why do you think you got cast?

"They said that I have a signature tone that comes out when I act drunk. Something like 'Hngg?'. (smiles) I was told that when Director Shin Won-ho and Writer Lee Woo-jung watched that scene, they burst out laughing by themselves. They might have thought I fit the role Haerongie well in that area."

Q. How did you create the way of talking that's overflowing with cuteness?

"I didn't have a model for it. I associated it with a cat. I used to raise a cat before so I knew how it was. While actors learned how to act, I imitated animals a lot. I expressed some of Haerongie's parts like an angry cat. It was like that during scenes where I growled."

Q. Did you know that Haerongie will receive this much love?

"I didn't expect it. Honestly, I thought a unique character would come out. He's a drug user and is gay. He becomes normal when he takes drugs and when he doesn't, he acts silly and crazy. That's unique. However, I didn't think I would receive this much love."

Q. How was Director Shin Won-ho's way of directing? What was his specialty?

"He doesn't only think one way and is not oppressive. It was astonishing. Jung Woong-in sunbae has done a lot of projects but even he said that he was surprised with Director Shin Won-ho. It wasn't just a mask. He's honestly a good person. Whether it's an actor, staff, or a minor role, he doesn't say bad things to them and lets them to act comfortably."

Q. Haerongie's scenes causes a lot of laughter. Any scenes that come to mind?

"The scene with Munrae-dong KAIST where we were fighting using pepper and liquid pain reliever was fun. I remember when I called him 'roasted mackerel' and I got knee kicked. Fighting childishly with Captain Yoo was also fun. Another memorable one was the kiss scene with Ji-won. (smiles)"

Q. How is your personality in real life? Do you also have a cute side like Haerongie?

"Not really. I think the reason why Haerongie became cute like that is because I like the hyungs. It's rather harder for me to be with the younger cast. Choi Moo-sung Sunbae, Ho-san Hyung, Hae-soo Hyung... They are seniors whom I've always known so I was able to be comfortable with them. My personality is... a bit reserved? There are times when people get frustrated with me. (smiles) Even so, I become a fun person when I'm with my friends."

Q. What's your ordinary day like?

"I stay at home and I like watching movies on my days off. (On relationships) I don't have a girlfriend. I hope to find someone soon. It's not easy.”

Q. You've been acting for a long time. Do you feel like it was all in vain after shooting into stardom with one project?

"No. I thought that the power of dramas is great. Even meeting with lots of reporters like this for an interview is something that I couldn't even think of before. A lot of things have changed since two months ago. I was surprised."

It will be continued in part 2 of the interview.

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