When I'm not subbing or doing some real life work, I watch dramas. Sometimes, I would watch abou...

[KDRAMA] What I'm watching

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When I'm not subbing or doing some real life work, I watch dramas. Sometimes, I would watch about 3-4 airing dramas but most of the times, I'm quite fixated on just one. My current addiction is...

Mirror of the Witch!

The drama is about Yeonhee (Kim Saeron) who's been cursed and Heo Jun (Yoon Shiyoon) who falls in love with her. I believe that Jun is based on a historical character of the same name who was a royal physician during King Seonjo's reign. Yeom Jungah plays Hongjoo, a shamaness who uses black magic, while Lee Sungjae is Taoist Choi Hyunseo who's on the other side using good(?) magic, I guess. Poongyeon (Kwak Shiyang) completes the love triangle.

Here's a teaser showing the characters. Yep. That background music sums up the feels of this drama. I still hear it in my sleep sometimes.

There is magic (black magic at that) involved and the effects are quite awesome. It's quite dark (genre-wise and sometimes, visually) with all the curses, black magic, and book of demon banishment stuff but it also doesn't skimp on lighthearted and funny moments. The acting is also superb.

It aired 12 episodes so far and will be done in two weeks. I like what I've seen and it's still going strong even while it's nearing the end of the story. The plot is interesting and it keeps you wanting more every time the episode ends. It does give the viewers a FEW clues and even fewer answers to keep going. However, the questions keep on piling up. How exactly are they going to undo the curse? Does it need a human sacrifice? Will the characters remain alive until the end? Will I survive until the end? I mean, what's with the cliffhangers every week!!

Anyway, if you're looking for something a bit dark and creepy to scare the summer heat away (not my idea), you might want to try watching Mirror of the Witch. It's well made and well acted. It's very heartfelt and genuine. The effects deserve every award out there. And if all else fails, at least you have Yoon Shiyoon. *wink*